Vera's Guide to Resiliency 

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eat well

If you eat well, you'll feel well. You have more neurotransmitters in your gut vs. your brain. 

Yoga has helped me immensely.
Whatever it is just get those endorphins up. 

Essential Oils

When you inhale essential oils, the can affect your olfactory blub which is responsible for mood and emotion. Make sure you use only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils



We need people and people need us. It's that simple. 


In the past, I use to meet life's challenges with substances: food, drugs, alcohol, or men. Or I found ways to check out via shopping, watching movies, etc. When I was 24, I hit an emotional and spiritual bottom. I was also struggling with a food addiction. I had been bulimic starting at 16.

As the universe wills it, I landed in a 12-Step Program for Food Addiction.
It was in that program that I put down my addictive substances like flour, sugar, drugs, and alcohol. I picked up spirituality. Because they told me, in order to recover I had to pick up a power greater than myself.

That can come in the form of God, the Universe, Mother Nature, just something greater than yourself:  A HIGHER POWER
I started meditating daily,  30 minutes every morning. I prayed to my higher power to get me through the day without using an addictive substance. I am proud to say that it's been 17 years. And still a staple of my daily rituals