Cancer and Covid-19 Part 1

You came into our lives creeping. The virus that was “out there in China”- couldn’t possibly come here, right? But as we watched the map creep, creep closer to home, the worry and fear began to rise.

The attack of the media, every channel, every station, every headline reinforcing that looming fear and dread in our head.

The day to day realities of life slowly begin to disintegrate. The uncertainty of the future reveals itself and we become irate.

The saying “if you want to make G-d laugh, just say your plan” becomes all too real. First the schools. Then social gatherings. Then restaurants, shops. Then total social distancing. Relationships are pushed and pulled in new directions. Emotions rise and fall.

New stresses compromise mental and physical safety. In the space of uncertainty, what fills it? Toilet paper? Food? Drugs? Alcohol? Binge Watching? I am reminded to take a step back, breathe, call on the strength of my higher power and our ancestors. My grandfather, Jose Ventura, fled 3 countries: Turkey, Italy, then Cuba before settling in America. He was able to pick up the pieces and flourish despite the circumstances. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, my father went to bed knowing an arsenal of nuclear weapons were pointing practically at his front doorstep in Miami Beach. Your family, your history has prepared us for this uncertain future. You are resilient. You are strong. You can transcend fear-- to flourish and grow in new ways. #covid19 #cancertreatment #facemask #warrior #nofear

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