Don't Forget to Pack Your Oils

My husband heads to the Bermuda Triangle via Flordia today. He will be there for 2 weeks working on a documentary for the History Channel.

He’s like “don’t forget to pack my oils,

especially OnGuard! “

When I left public school teaching 4 years ago, I wanted a life that was more flexible and spoke to my soul- Involved travel, team building, holistic health and residual income. I tried a few different paths but settled on DoTERRA.

It checked all the boxes. So I went in BIG— cause I’m also coming from being really impulsive.

I literally bought every single oil.

My husband freaked out because it was definitely the most expensive package.

He called it snake oil.

He was skeptical of the MLM model.

I worked really hard to prove to him that I can do this.

And I have. And I love the journey.

And now he’s reminding me to pack “his oils.”

And I silently smiled. Safe travels my love.

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