Dry Brushing 101

This whole week I’ve been focused on detoxing and cleansing before my double mastectomy next week.

Have you tried dry brushing before?

Did know that your skin is your largest “elimination” organ and it releases about a POUND of waste every day?! Holy moly!😳

If you are not feeling well it will often show on your skin, and if your skin can’t release those toxins it can often result in an uprising of inflamed acne, maybe even rashes, itchiness, body odor, etc. ⁣

Which is why I recommend Dry Skin Brushing-- especially with EOs🙌🏽

This process is great for circulation, immunity and stimulating your nervous system. The lymphatic system stimulates hormone production = a metabolism boost! Hormone balance = Healthy weight and it will leave your skin looking radiant, vibrant and fresh!⭐️

Today I used

Metabolic Blend & Zendocrine (Detox) blend. ⁣

Here's to a stronger immune system and glowing skin!⁣

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