Feeling the Love!


For all the the love.

Chemo went really smooth yesterday.

I didn't even throw up before the treatment!

Luckily, I haven't had any nausea, yet.

I was able to drive myself home with no problem.

However, I think there was something in the chemo drug or the steroids that gave me a bunch of fake energy and I had a really hard time putting myself to sleep.

(I'm caffeine free so I can really tell the difference)

But this is a sneaky chemo drug, usually I don't feel the effects for 3-4 days in. So, just waiting for that.

But I'm going through my day as normal so far.

Neuropathy is side effect and I found a great oil blend incase that happens and I plan on teaching restorative yoga tonight.

So so so so grateful this drug is more mild than the first Red Devil. I couldn't NOT imagine doing the Red Devil now (all alone because no visitors are allowed).

Grateful to have all of you while I journey through cancer during Covid-19. XO— at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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