Let's Talk About Boobies

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Let's talk about Boobies to get your mind off of coronavirus for a minute, shall we? Yesterday I met with my plastic surgeon and it was surreal.

I'm holding a photo album of boobies. That's right. Other ladies' ladies. It's freaking amazing what science is able do.

I am doing a surgery called DIEP, which means they are taking fat from my belly and using that to make NEW ladies. I opted out of doing implants for a few reasons and this is a wonderful alternative. It's going to create a massive scar from hip to hip. I won't be able to do much movement for about a month.

And at that point, after the first surgery I will then have 2 more after that most likely to get the ladies right. Nipples are made in the 3rd surgery. I repeat, nipples are made. I never thought I would write that. So, it will be a long road-- a long road of uncertainty about how it will all turn out. And it's a long road for all of now in the wake of this pandemic. As someone who is immune compromised, I've chosen to carry on--using A LOT of immunity oils like Oregano, On Guard and supplementing keeping my nutrition up. Stress and Fear limit your body’s immune system. So I choose to not go there. I choose to limit how much media I consume. I ask my higher power for help and know that we will get through this one day at at time. X0 #doublemastectomy #breastreconstruction #DIEP #immunity

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