The Day after Taxol

Thank you! Thank you for all the love!

Compared to chemotherapy drug A/C "the red devil," Taxol seems like a walk in the park.

But I don't know how I will react to the neulasta shot in my arm this evening. That helps with my it's super essential.

This morning I was able to eat, take my supplements and oils. I was able to get dressed up and put on some red lipstick, wear a fun dress and hat. I even asked my husband "don't I look fabulous today?" and he agreed.

I'm grateful for you and all your loving words. And for Joe's family for watching the kids right now. Joe and I feel like we are on vacation, hence the party hat from Tulum.

I'm holding my Guinea pig Lucky because I feel REALLY lucky.

And I will be still be teaching restorative yoga tonight! I'm taking it one day at a time, as we all should..and today I feel just fabulous.

#taxol #chemotherpay #breastcancer #coldcap

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