Post DIEP!

Look! That’s me giving you a thumbs up!

Surgery went great and was only 9 hours instead of 12! Which means less anesthesia!

Still no food or drink since Weds night as they need to monitor all the drains, veins, blood vessels, tissue and arteries fully.

No visitors but grateful to talk to Joe and kids via FaceTime.

I’ll be monitored every hour over night and then moved into my hotel, I mean hospital room. 😂

Crazy amazing to look down see a new body.

My surgeon. Dr. Lin is incredible and was voted best of Boston for a reason.

Holy moly!

Eat your heart out Frankenstein! 💔

My surgeon remind me this morning, it’s a long journey.

A marathon, not a sprint.

Grateful for the process.

As an “ I want it now” kinda gal— addict like personality—this is where I can grow closer to my higher power and spiritual connection.

So raise your glass of seltzer, Cheers to the journey not the destination.

And many many thank yous for all your loving messages of encouragement. They mean so much right now 🙌🏽

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