September 11

Sept 11. 2020.

19 Years ago I was in India trying to find myself, while still bulimic and addicted to getting high.

Cause I was so uncomfortable with myself.

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Then I saw the towers collapse and I sank deeper into depression. I ended up coming back to NYC and at the depth of my darkness fell in love briefly with a heroine addict.

Flash 19 years later, life is still hard in so many ways. Being diagnosed with genetic cancer last year was no walk in the park. And yesterday was #3 of 14 rounds of new immunotherapy chemo.

But, these days I am healthy.

One of the nurses said I was “Easy” because I know how to take care of myself-- I laughed because she has no idea where I am coming from.

She asked more about what I was doing and told her it was the combination of my 12-step program, proper nutrition/supplements and, of course, my DoTERRA essential oils.

I’ll be doing this for the next year or so— after the double mastectomy I’m apparently “cancer free” but this is to target any rouge cells so there’s no reoccurrence.

Unfortunately they took the port out prematurely- so there was a lot of poking and prodding this round. Lots of needle action!

Honoring today-- the memories. The hard ones and the beautiful ones. Life is a gift.


I’m grateful for all the love and support.

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