Spiritual Experience

I had a bit of a spiritual experience yesterday. ⁣

Let me tell you why. ⁣

Yesterday the kids and I were visiting a state park. The two kids were on bikes and I was on my scooter. There was a little bit of long decline and Alma said she didn’t want to go down because it was going to be too fast. ⁣

I convinced her that it was gonna be OK and that she should go ( she’s a better biker than Asher) - ⁣

Asher promptly went down with no problem! And I wanted to show Alma that mommy could go as well!⁣

Well, I was going down the decline I started gathering speed, wind in my hair, excitement and I started thinking about Alma’s fear and in that moment I stopped the break and the velocity was too much and it threw me off the scooter. Hard.⁣

I fell on my butt and scraped the whole right side of my body. As I laid in pain on the side of the road with Alma asking if I was dead, I realized, I let fear get the best of me. ⁣

Now my right side is sore and swollen. But I’m nursing my wounds with tea tree, frankincense and yarrow pom. ⁣

How many times have you let other people’s fear stop you dead in your tracks, literally fall on your ass, when you were cruising— the wind blowing in your hair— living your life? ⁣

Just something to ponder on this Sunday! ⁣

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