The Double Mastectomy Drain is Back!

Say hello to my little friend!

You left me so early. Before we were ready to depart. It caused me so much pain. But now you are back and I am so grateful. Life is so much better with you around.

Oh vey--that was that an intense, but short operation set to classical music. Once the new drain was installed, (my body sounds like a kitchen sink here), I immediately felt relief.

See, because the drain fell out before it was ready, it caused an immense amount of fluid to build up, resulting in the fluid having no place to go-- the body tries to help, but the situation is too intense and infection happens. I was keeping myself afloat with frankincense, Tumeric, copaiba, oregano, on guard, but the pain got too intense......there was literally nowhere for the fluid to go. So the left side was mega inflamed It got to the point where I could barely move. It's amazing I lasted as long as I did. I was exhausted, dizzy, and low-appetite since last Friday. But less than 24 hours after surgery I feel soooooo much better. They have me on antibiotics, which I am also taking my double capsule probiotics to repopulate the gut, cause the antibiotics, like chemo---kill the good and the bad. I'm just doing my part to repopulate the good. Also still doing my immunity/anti-inflammatory veggie cap cocktail of oregano, frankincense, Tumeric, and copaiba, 2 drops of each. It feels amazing not to be a zombie in pain anymore! That was the worst!!!

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