Week Anniversary of Double Mastectomy!

Week anniversary of my double mastectomy. Learning how to live life with drains and doing less. But feeling all the feelings.

Today we walked to a cemetery right by our rental house.

Because we are in a small country town, this one had a more personalized feel to it. On some graves, there were sketches of the deceased. One was of a young girl--a teenager. Asher asked me what happen. I told him I didn't know. Then it occurred to me that I could look up her obituary. As we sat in front of her decorative grave, I read her obituary out loud. She had her whole life ahead of her, just starting college in Flordia when she died in a car crash. The hardest thing for her parents was that they were not there to be with her when she passed. And in her final moments, they just wanted her to know how much she was loved. This brought me to tears. And Asher comforted me. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child. All we can do is love unconditionally, they grow up fast and before we know it they are gone. Into the hands of G-d. How can you love more today?

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