World Breast Feeding Week

In honor of #WorldBreastFeeding week, I thought I would post the last picture taken of me breastfeeding. ⁣

Initially, it was incredibly heartbreaking to know that I wouldn't be able to do it anymore when I got my breast cancer diagnoses. Even harder to talk to my sweet girl about it. ⁣

But, I have also been super blessed to have breast fed both babies for a total of 6 years. My first self-stopped after 11 months, my daughter-- well, she didn't until I stopped her at 4 years. Every kid is different. ⁣

I wasn't breast fed as a baby and I have many friends that couldn't do it. But the LIQUID GOLD inside mamas hopefully gets to those babies in some way-- through pumping or bottle. SO good for development. ⁣

Alma still asks if she can do it after I have my reconstruction and I get "new boobies," which I think is hilarious! ⁣

Were you breastfed as a baby? And what was your experience breastfeeding?

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